5 Must-Dos For Anyone Using SPF 50 Face Cream in Water

There are set guidelines to follow when using SPF 50 face cream if you want to be spared from sunburn and the signs of ageing. Modern products in the industry are created with specialist formulas, so it’s important that you stick to the creator’s instructions on how to use them.

However, while these instructions will work well in normal conditions, that changes when you add water into the mix. You see, water happens to wash off sunscreen to the degree that it stops protecting. Keep reading to find out 5 important must-dos when out the sun while swimming or playing in the pool.

Must Do #1 – Reapply SPF 50 Face Cream Every Time You Get Wet

As we just mentioned, every time you get wet, you’re washing off some or most of the sunscreen you’ve applied. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just applied it or you did so an hour before – you need to reapply it, as it could have left your skin completely unprotected. 

The best practice is to put on some more SPF 50 face cream as soon as you’ve gotten out and dried off, as if you don’t, you’ll end up completely unprotected. 

Must Do #2 – Wear Light Clothing if You Can

This is more of a tip for those spending all day wet – perhaps for children or those who simply don’t want to get out of the water! Wearing a light-coloured T-shirt when in the water will give your skin another layer of protection against the sun’s rays. That said, you still need sunscreen. 

The sun’s rays will go through most clothing too – especially when it’s wet – so they’re best used in combination with each other. 

Must Do #3 – Ignore Claims of WaterPROOF Sunscreen

Amongst the hundreds of sunscreen brands, you’ll find on the market, there will be some that use misleading descriptions for the products they create. For instance, there will be some that state their sunscreen is water-PROOF, however, this is an innovation that’s yet to be discovered.

Unless there’s been a huge technological breakthrough in the industry we haven’t heard about, this claim will be false. There are water-RESISTANT products out there, but they give you 40-80 minutes of protection at best. 

Must-Do #4 – Avoid the Hottest Hours of the Day

If you have the option to, we’d recommend staying in the shade, or at least out of the pool between 10 o’clock in the morning and 2 o’clock in the afternoon. This is the time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and, consequently, when it’s at its most intense. Do so, and you will feel more comfortable. 

Must-Do #5 – Thoroughly Shower or Bathe After Exposure

Our last tip is for the end of the day when you’ve arrived back indoors after a day in the sun, and it’s to ensure that you have a long and thorough bath or shower. It’s important to cleanse your skin of all that sunscreen so that none of your pores get clogged. It’s not always necessary with non-comedogenic products, but it’s still good to feel nice and clean, right? Read more about phpmotion create blog blog menu my blogs.

Staying Safe With SPF 50 Face Cream When You’re In the Pool

Your main takeaway from this blog should be that getting wet changes everything. You can buy water-resistant products if it’s a regular thing but don’t ever trust a product that offers to do something that isn’t possible. If it had been invented, you’d have heard about it in the news!

Follow the precautions as laid out here, and you’ll be fine. All you have to do is keep it in mind when you know that you’re likely to have fun in the water. 

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