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A clear face for a woman who never stops being beautiful.

If you want to have a clear face, beautiful skin, perfect skin, and look good for a long time without falling, you have to start with taking care of yourself to the max. Pay attention from the cleaning, maintenance, protection, complete formula, but if anyone says that “I take good care of myself. Serve good skin in every step. Why do you still like to have blemishes, acne scars, skin doesn’t look aura” So let’s check it out. If you’re ready, let’s go check it out.

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1. You can put on make-up, but you have to wash it thoroughly.

Do not sleep with makeup at all. You have to wash your face thoroughly! Make it tight, fill it up, take it as you like. Therefore, eye makeup covers various flaws, we don’t forbid it. Oh… We understand that not everyone is born with good skin. clear face without acne But the only request must be clean enough to wash your face. Plus, now they have a Double Cleanse and Triple Cleanse method. Clean and clear skin won’t go anywhere.

2. Don’t stress! Get enough rest to clear your face.

stress part What can you relax? let go, let go Before going to bed, do not stress. Try to do light activities, relax and get 6-8 hours of sleep so your body will be rejuvenated. And absolutely forbidden! If you know that you have to wake up early, go to bed quickly. Wherever you want to chat, where you want to Facebook, look at the clock, it’s midnight. It’s 1am and you miss the golden hour for your body to heal itself. Chance of the body to detoxify Facial skin care will be reduced as well.

3. Eat good food, high in antioxidants.

Body, skin will be good. Start with food if you keep adding antioxidants to prevent deterioration. Boost the immune system for healthy skin Guarantee that acne doesn’t invade! Importantly, don’t forget to check that each meal must not be too oily. not too sweet It’s not too spicy because sugar, sodium, and other seasonings are the terrorists that will undermine your skin in the long run.

4. Exercise to increase the circulatory system. add clarity

Exercise 4 times/week will make the body stronger. It is also good for clear skin as it helps to open pores, shed sweat and increase skin radiance. Anyone who wants clear skin that looks pinkish, with a little rosy, don’t forget to exercise regularly.

5. Do a facial aura treatment

Facial masks, pushing various vitamins and nutrients into the skin. These treatments will help to stimulate blood flow and stimulate collagen production. How will the skin be? Stay up late, watch series, work, get tired, party hard no matter how hard it is! But some treatments can have side effects or require special care after the treatment. So girls, don’t forget to ask your doctor. Or do a lot of research before doing it for a clean, worry-free face.

6. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin. reduce dull skin

If you don’t want to have an old face, wrinkles, blemishes, freckles, acne scars, dark spots, tell me “use sunscreen” especially sunscreen that is effective against both UVA and UVB. We understand that our country’s weather is hot. Applying sunscreen is scary. But this is not an excuse for everyone. Because nowadays many brands of sunscreen, they produce light texture, not greasy, plus give a very good Finish Texture.

7. Scrub for beautiful and clear skin

Another trick to help keep your face clear. Healthy looking skin is what it is. Using a scrub Because the scrub will exfoliate skin cells. remove the dirt Dead skin cells that are layered on our skin as if helping to clear the pores. Reduce the chance of acne. But do not forget to choose a gentle scrub. It doesn’t cut the skin either.

8. Choose a serum to nourish your skin to be clear.

If anyone wants to have a clear face in the long run, this one honestly says that there is no shortcut. But requires discipline to apply serums to nourish skin often to keep adding nutrients to the skin. The more nourishment, the more beautiful the skin, and even today there are many skin creams and serums to choose from. But I have to choose something that has been tested to see real results.

Eucerin UltraWHITE+ Spotless Double Booster Serum is the number one serum. And it is popular for people who want to have a clear face. Because it is the number one skin care serum that contains Thiamidol, the most powerful whitening substance that has been tested by dermatologists to help reduce blemishes, freckles, and dark spots. It also combines the power of nourishing the skin with Pure Hyaluron that helps increase moisture. And replenish the skin to be full, glowing, clear face within 2 weeks when used continuously on a regular basis. Most importantly, it is suitable for young women. lifestyle in a hurry Because it is very easy to use to care for your skin, just use it to nourish your face in the morning and evening. Ready, beautiful, clear face for a long time, bright, not afraid of losing Because Eucerin products have been tested by dermatologists. Therefore, it can be used for all skin types. Use to care for your skin without worry, even sensitive skin.

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