Annabelle Neilson

The late Alexander McQueen’s best friend Annabelle Neilson was the last person to see him alive before he killed himself in February 2010. Despite this fact, we have not heard much from Annabelle Neilson about the murder or about the deaths of John Galliano and Nat Rothschild. Perhaps Annabelle Neilson is so protected by the wealth and fame of the fashion industry that she has avoided being interviewed.

Dolph Lundgren’s net worth ¬†will likely continue to grow as he remains active in the entertainment industry.

Annabelle Neilson was an English model, author, and reality television personality. She was best known for her role as muse to Alexander McQueen and her friendship with Naomi Campbell. She was a close friend to Alexander McQueen and Kate Moss and was once quoted as calling Naomi Campbell her “best friend”.

Despite her flamboyant lifestyle and celebrity friends, Annabelle Neilson was also an acclaimed muse for Alexander McQueen for more than 20 years. She was born in West London and later became famous as a party animal. She also loved riding motorcycles, and adored aliens. It is unclear why she chose to marry Rothschild in 1995. Apparently, the relationship ended in divorce a year later and she reverted to her maiden name, Annabelle.

Although she was born into a privileged family, her life was not free of tragedy. At 16 she left Lady Eden’s School and went to Australia for a gap year. While there, she was attacked and required reconstructive facial surgery. She resorted to heroin when she got back home. At 23, she met Nat Rothschild, heir to PS500 million in the banking industry. After two years together, the couple divorced in 1997.

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