Chin Reduction and Genitoplasty

The chin is an organ that affects the overall appearance of the face. If the chin is not balanced with the face, such as a large chin, protruding chin, or short chin, it will make the face look unattractive. These problems can be solved with chin surgery such as chin sharpening, chin cutting, etc., making the chin look smaller. or in the right place balance with the face is more beautiful

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Chin Reduction, Chin Sliding

It is a surgical operation to reshape the lower face, which consists of the chin, jaw and jaw, to be beautiful and balanced. In case the chin is too large angular chin or in the case of the chin protruding too much There will be a cut to move the chin to move in. or in case the chin is too short The chin is moved out to balance the jaw, jaw and entire face. Chin amputation in this case requires that the teeth meet well in order to be able to do this. If the teeth do not meet well, use other methods as well. Jaw surgery, etc. Chin Reduction Chin Surgery is divided into 2 groups

  1. Chin Reduction with Mandible angle reduction
  2. Chin reduction alone is not related to jaw and jaw surgery (Chin reduction alone).
  3. T-shaped chin reduction (T-Osteotomy Chin reduction) or V-Line Surgery

1. Chin amputation with Chin reduction with Mandible angle reduction

It is a chin surgery that must be combined with the jaw and jaw together. Adjusting the bottom of the page By cutting the chin together with the jaw and jaw cutting. to make a blend The harmony of the entire lower face looks beautiful. gain confidence which has a variety of techniques as follows:

1.1 Chin angle cutting in the case of a slightly angled chin Cutting only the corner of the chin can make the face look beautiful and sweet.

1.2 It is surgery to reduce the size of the lateral chin bone (Long Side Chin Reduction) to the middle of the lower jaw. Suitable for people with a wide and large chin.

1.3 Cut the front and side chin (Chin and Side Chin Reduction) to reduce the size of the front chin to be shorter and reduce the size of the side chin to be narrower. When cutting, the doctor will cut it to balance the jaw line. make a V-shaped face will look more beautiful and sweet look more proportional

1.4 Long Horse Shoe chin cut for people with long faces The lower part of the face, which consists of the jaw, chin, jaw, is longer than the rest of the face, therefore, the jawbone, chin and jawbones must be cut into a horseshoe shape to achieve the proportions of the upper face. The middle and lower sections are similar in size.

2. Chin reduction alone, Genitoplasty

Making the chin smaller without involving the jaw and jaw which the patient has the jaw size and jaw proportional Want to fix only the part that is the front chin only that extends long or is too big for beautiful proportions

2.1 Chin forward sliding

2.2 Chin Backwards Surgery, Genitoplasty

A chin surgery The long protrusion occurred unrelated to the jaw and jaw cutting. Which is proportional and beautiful. It is surgery to remove part of the front chin bone to the desired size. By cutting longitudinally from side to side of the chin. Then take the front chin bone back in by attaching the chin to the front jawbone. with plate and screw

3. T-Osteotomy Technique, V-Line surgery

It is a V-shaped face surgery by making the jaw, chin and jaws smaller and slender like a V-shaped face for people with a short chin and wide face. The jaw reduction surgery was performed, the jaw was cut down to the chin in a T-shape, and the chin bone was fixed with screws and plates. make the face smaller and proportional

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