Construction Chemicals: All you Need to Know

Humans have evolved from simple cavemen to the sophisticated beings we are today through our discoveries and inventions. From taking shelter under caves, we now build smart homes equipped with all sorts of modern technologies. As the construction industry develops, the demand for quality construction materials that can easily be manufactured also increases.

We all know that the strength and durability of any building lie in the materials used during construction. And we have come up with modern solutions to the rapidly growing construction needs. One of them is, of course, construction chemicals. They act as the base for construction, and the demand for construction chemical products has been increasing day by day. Let us take a closer look at some construction chemical uses. But first, let us understand what exactly they are.

What are Construction Chemicals?

Simply put, construction chemicals are nothing but the chemicals used in construction. It is used in the construction of various buildings and structures. To understand this better, let us go a little bit into the basics of construction chemicals. The most important component of every construction chemical is the polymer in it. It is what facilitates the functionality of construction chemicals.

What are the Construction Chemicals uses?

Construction Chemicals are combined with other building materials to help upgrade performance, boost productivity, and improve functionality and protection. Construction chemicals contribute significantly to increasing the strength and durability of constructions and facilitate speedy construction. Together with other building materials, construction chemicals improve efficiency, workability, and cost-effectiveness.

Construction chemicals include a wider array of products like flooring chemicals, admixtures, sealers, building adhesives, waterproofing chemicals, chemicals for sustenance and restoration of buildings, etc. Given below is a construction chemicals list commonly used in the construction industry.

Types of construction chemicals

Below listed are some of the construction chemical types

Concrete Admixtures

They are soluble construction chemicals that help in modifying and altering the properties of concrete. Mixed with water and concrete mixtures in minute quantities, concrete admixtures assist in attaining harder concrete most cost-effectively.

Concrete curing compounds

Concrete curing compounds consist of waxes, natural and synthetic resins, and solvents of high volatility at atmospheric temperatures. It is applied to form a moisture retentive film on the surface of fresh concrete. To make the compound visible on the concrete, white or grey pigments are incorporated.

Polymer bonding agents

Polymer Bonding Agents are an aqueous emulsion of polymer and chemical admixtures designed to use as a bonding agent for concrete and cement-based products in the interior or exterior applications. They are also used as polymer modifiers in mortars and concrete to develop bond strengths.

Mold releasing agents

Mold releasing agents can be compared to the oil or butter we use in the bottom of a dish to easily remove cooked food like cakes etc. Similarly, mold releasing agents are used to easily remove materials shaped and constructed in molds without any damage.

Protective and decorative coatings

These are the construction chemicals applied to the surface of other materials to prevent corrosion or for decorative purposes. They can be metallic or non-metallic.

Surface retarders

Also known as deactivators, surface retarders are applied to fresh concrete to chemically slow down the setting of the surface mortar. It is done to allow the proper hardening of underlying concrete and easy removal of surface paste afterward.

Bond-aid for plastering

They are water-based adhesives that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable.

Ready-mix plaster

It is a premixed sand-cement-based plaster used for building houses and other solid structures or anything requiring a stronghold for long, including models.

There are many other types of construction chemicals including joint sealants like silicone sealants, adhesives, water repellents, waterproofing chemicals, rebar coating, epoxy grouts, etc. used in construction. Each of them has its unique properties and advantages which makes the construction process easy and buildings durable.

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