Here Are Some of the Top Video Game Design Online Courses!

The demand and growth for video games have exploded, and everyone you see is either playing a video game or talking about it. Games like Valorant, Pubg, Minecraft, etc., have taken the world by storm. 

The growing demand for such video games has increased the space for more video game developers in the field. But who makes the video game? What skills are required? What kind of courses do they undertake? Which platform do they use for this training? Many such questions are unanswered to us.

Top-Notch Video Game Design Online Courses!

So, let’s have a look at some video game design online courses that will help you become the master of the video game developer world.

  • Create Video Games with Phaser.js 

This course is brought to you by Code academy. The course does not require you to have any knowledge of the past. It requires a commitment of 6 weeks and the one who completes the course wins a certificate of completion. The course allows beginners to build a video game from scratch. They learn coding in Javascript and use Phaser.js to add visual effects. At the end of the course, the students have three fully completed games aditianovit

  • 30-Minute Swift Crash Course

This short yet informative course is packed with valuable information. The course is for a short duration of 30 minutes and is available on Udemy. This course focuses more on Swift. This course requires you to have a Mac and XCode oyepandeyji. The course is not meant for beginners; By the end of the course, you will have actual real-world apps. This is one of the best game development certificate online.

  • Game Design and Development Specialization

This video game design online courses is a collection of videos by Michigan State University and Coursera. The course includes five classes, and it takes about six months to complete each class. The course teaches the student everything from game design theory to game production. The course allows you to experiment with yourself by providing you with new tasks in every class. The completion of the course wins you a certificate xotic news. Although the specialization course is expensive, it is very flexible. The students are also provided with videos, quizzes, and readings to practice. 

  • Unity Certified 3D Artist Specialization

This program belongs to unity and is designed to help prepare students for the unity Certified 3D artist exam. The course requires a commitment of 7 months. Students have to work on two projects: a kitchen application with a realistic look and a video game with a stylized sci-fi aesthetic. This course is beneficial for those who are looking to go into this field professionally.

  • Computer science for game development 

This program is made up of two courses and gives you an understanding related to computer science, programming, software development, etc. This course requires a commitment of 7 months, but you get a certificate after completion. 

  • Create your first game with Python 

Although this course does not provide a certificate, it allows beginners to learn about the basics of game development. It is a short course with a 2-hour module. It is for those with prior programming knowledge and who are willing to enter video game design and development.

  • Game design and development specialization 

This specialization includes five courses and a project that focuses on theoretical and practical knowledge of video game development. The professors of the program have 50+ years of experience. During the course, the students have to build four complete Unity 3-D games, and for the project, they have to develop a game that is ready to be launched in the market. Kongregate, an online game portal, provides help to distribute and monetize the developed games.

  • iOS Development for Creative Entrepreneurs Specialization 

This specialization is a collaboration between Coursera and the University of California and is made for new developers. The course includes six classes that discuss different topics in iOS development. In the sixth class, you are expected to build your own game. 

  • JavaScript Game Development

This course is available on Udemy and allows users with some basic Java knowledge to learn deeply about game design. An understanding of this course will help you learn about – loops and arrays, objects and custom functions, use of mouse controls during the game. This online course is built step-by-step and begins by introducing beginners to the basics and moving to more complicated concepts. The course is of short duration – 1.5 hours and enables you to learn new game design skills.

  • Unity Android Game Development

This program is available on Udemy and trains the students specifically in designing games for android. The student has to build the game, particularly using unity. Unity is a platform that is used in creating 2D and 3d games. The user will learn how to create a simple game in less than an hour by completing the course. The special thing about the program that keeps your interest high on the cloud is that it contains a unit that teaches how to earn money with video ads. The course provides full-time access to downloadable articles and on-demand videos.

  • CS50 introduction to game development 

This course is a collaboration between Harvard and edX. To design your games, you will study other games like angry birds, pokemon, super Mario bros, etc. This course explores important areas like graphics, animation, sound, unity, etc. The course also involves the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge. The course is about 12 weeks long and takes about 6-9 hours each week. 

Wrapping Up 

A video game is a world that teleports you from the real world to the virtual world, a world that seems real. The courses discussed above are some of the best video game development courses and will help anyone interested in designing video games. 

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