How Long Do You Exercise Each Day?

The first question to ask yourself is “How long do you exercise each day?” The answer will depend on your fitness level and goals. If you are a beginner, you should not work out for an hour a day, as your body will be under-trained and not get as much exercise as you would if you worked out for an hour a day. Instead, you should start with short workouts of 30 minutes or less, and increase your duration as your strength increases.

While exercising for three hours five times a week might sound like a great goal, it is not practical to make a commitment to such a lofty goal for the first few months. The more ambitious the goal, the more likely you’ll fail, which could make you give up. Therefore, it is best to set smaller, easy-to-achieve goals and build up your self-confidence and momentum. You can then move onto more difficult goals in the future.

Moderate workout days are not as strenuous as intense workout days, and you may be able to combine strength training and cardio exercises on some days. The longer you exercise, the better, as it will not only challenge your mind but will also improve your cardiovascular endurance. The best thing to do is to follow your personal best, and you’ll be surprised at the results. If you’re still not sure how long to exercise, consult a fitness expert.

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