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How to Create Authentic and Unique Brand Names

The brand name can play a massive role not only it is vital for customer recognition because it is the first thing customers hear when they hear about your brand.

There are general rules for it like it should be unique and memorable to hook people’s attention but also be easy to remember. Building trust with your customers is crucial. Therefore creating a brand name that will express credibility should be your priority.

Four ways to have original and effective brand names

As a great brand name can bring great results and lead you to success, a poor name can prevent your brand from growing. To guide you during this process, we will give you some steps, which, if you implement them, you can find an amazing brand name.

1. Identify your values and brand voice

Your brand name should send a message that you want to. For that, you should fully understand your brand identity, which includes your brand values and mission. It will shape the process of finding your name. 

You should consider what type of product and solution you offer, and according to that, you can decide whether you want to sound too serious and professional or friendly and funny. Basically, figure out your brand voice to find the right brand name. If you are going to promote digital learning software, your brand name should express your passion for education.

2. Define your market and analyze competitors 

You already have in mind the type of product, but most importantly, understand for whom you are creating this product. You can start by finding demographic data about your target customers and what brand they prefer to use. Also, learn what type of language they use and what kind of communication they expect from you.

The process can be very helpful in competitive analysis to understand what your potential competitors are doing. Check whether their audience likes it, and see what you can do better. Most importantly, analyzing your competitors should help create an original and compelling brand name.

You can hire people who are looking for part-time jobs in London to help you during analyzing process.

3. Make a list of different versions

After researching your market and competitors as well, it’s time to write down some versions that can be your final brand name. In this stage, you let your creativity inspire you, remembering that it should be complicated and your audience should pronounce it easily. In these steps, have in mind your brand logo and visual elements of your brand that will help you find the perfect brand name.

Another great version is organizing team meetings to discuss some ideas. Even if you provide a hybrid workspace, in that case, too, you can create a meeting with your team and brainstorm some ideas.

4. Be unique yet simple and test

Typically brands want to stand out and avoid ordinary brand names. While uniqueness is crucial, you should confuse people. Your future customers should easily remember the name, so it should be short, including up to three words. It will be beneficial that you use not imaginary, real words to help search engines show your brand in front of the target audience.

After finding the name that keeps this balance, it is time to check how it works. First, collect feedback on whether your customers love it. And also, check whether it is SEO optimized and if people search your brand name.


Customers’ first impression is vital for any kind of brand, therefore is vital to choose the brand name that will guarantee your success. And what is amazing is that a great brand name not only can help in the awareness stage but also guarantee future success. And more and more marketers and business owners have started to understand the importance of the brand name. We have suggested steps that can be helpful when you find the perfect name for your brand.

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