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How to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular online networking platform for professionals and job seekers. The service works as an online directory of particular professionals and organisations, allowing you to network professionally without ever leaving your desk. Companies have been using LinkedIn for recruitment and exchanging business information with prospective employees, while individuals use it for professional networking, socializing, and job seeking.

Below are some simple ideas on how to use LinkedIn efficiently to help you make the most of all of LinkedIn’s features and tools.

How to use LinkedIn for beginners?

  •       Account creation: The first step of using LinkedIn is creating an account on the platform. Creating an account with LinkedIn is simple and can be done quite easily. All the user needs is an active email ID which they would need to register with LinkedIn. Ensure to get your email verified after logging in to LinkedIn.
  •       Profile creation: After creating your account, the next step to using LinkedIn is curating your profile based on your industry and work experience. Ensure to fill up essential details like academic details, work experience, certifications etc to complete your LinkedIn profile. Also, upload your profile picture and cover picture to have a more personalised profile.
  •       Upload resume: If you are a candidate looking to land a job, uploading your resume is critical for employers who are looking to hire. Individuals looking to understand how to use LinkedIn, are generally unfamiliar with the platform. Therefore, to give your profile extra leverage, uploading a proper and updated CV is a must.
  •       Personalisation: Whenever you are using LinkedIn, you will come across a number of different professional profiles. The first thing you would come across on established profiles is an attractive bio. This bio/about section is quite important as this is the first thing, your profile visitors would be seeing after your profile picture. Ensure to come up with a short and quirky bio that attracts prospective employers and boosts your chances of getting hired.
  •       Connections: Establishing connections is one of the most essential aspects of using LinkedIn. Think of it as a professional friend list. Feel free to connect with industry leaders and employers in your niche to gain better exposure and also increase your chances of getting job invitations on LinkedIn. Some of the biggest LinkedIn success stories started with a simple connection request.

Parting words

Using LinkedIn is quite simple and straightforward. Those of you looking to understand how to use LinkedIn can easily follow our beginner’s guide as stated above. There are plenty of different ways to use LinkedIn and once you are familiar with its use, leverage other automation tools for LinkedIn to grow your profile and thrive on the platform.

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