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An online database of film, television, home videos, video games and streaming content, IMDb is a great place to research your favorite movie or television show. It includes everything from cast and production crew biographies to plot summaries, trivia and fan reviews. IMDb is the leading resource for movie buffs.

You can browse the IMDb’s database for free or sign up for a paid service to access additional information. Most of the data on IMDb is contributed by volunteers. You can also edit or add new information to entries, including cast lists, plot summaries, and credits. However, it can take up to 72 hours before your changes become live on the site.

Another option is to subscribe to IMDb TV. Originally known as Freedrive, IMDb TV allows users to watch some movies for free. Though there are advertisements, it offers a wide range of original content and classic movies. You can even watch TV shows on IMDb TV. But before you can sign up for IMDb TV, you must sign up for Amazon’s Prime service.

Another great way to find out more about a film is to read an IMDb review. This can help you decide if a movie is worth watching. IMDb allows users to rate a movie or show on a one to ten scale. This data helps to compile a “Top Rated” and “Lowest Rated” lists.


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