Is Technology Important to Millennials?

Many millennials feel strongly about technology, and rely on their phones more than ever. Research shows that nearly half of millennials cannot go just a few days without a smartphone, and 30 percent can’t even go 24 hours without one. A millennial’s constant connection to digital devices may have both short and long-term health consequences. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials spend up to 18 hours a day on digital media. Pew Research Center reports that nearly half of all young adults spend at least ten hours per day on social media.

The use of technology in daily life has changed how people live, communicate, and work. Most millennials have experienced many events in a virtual environment – they’ve watched television on their living room couch and used dating apps instead of going out. Even menial experiences, such as shopping and banking, are now mostly performed online. The Internet has also allowed millennials to access vast amounts of information and gain knowledge quickly.

Although Millennials have become tech savvy, they haven’t abandoned traditional ways of communicating. The use of cell phones, the internet, and other mobile devices has allowed people to stay connected, especially when they’re apart. This constant communication has also created a sense of community. Millennials, however, may see a change in the norms of communication. For older generations, face-to-face communication is gold; it may no longer be relevant in the future.

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