Missoula, Helena, Cascade, and Cascade Are Home to Liberals

While some Montanans may be conservative, there are also some steadfast blue pockets, including the college town of Missoula. You can check out a county’s voting history on the Secretary of State’s website. In 2012, eight counties voted for the Democratic candidate. While Montana is not a liberal-leaning state, Missoula is one of the most liberal cities in the state.

While the liberals in Missoula and Helena may be more affluent, Republicans in both cities are increasingly resentful of both parties. But in Missoula, there are similar issues, including housing and homelessness. Meanwhile, Republicans argue that the two districts should remain competitive in order to prevent a “politically correct” reshuffling of Montana’s electoral system.

While Missoula is a quaint, small town with city amenities, liberals are the most concentrated in the state. While Bozeman and Livingston have large populations of transplants, Missoula has a more liberal population than any other city. Livingston, however, is a large, urban center, which may be an issue for many liberals. But despite the state’s conservative climate, liberals have found an ideal home in Montana.

Cascade, meanwhile, a small town in western Montana, is a city of contrasts, compared to Bozeman. Ken Speidel, a horse boarding business owner in Cascade, works as a river guide during the summer and referee during the winter. While Speidel tends toward Republican proposals, he admits the power of counterarguments.

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