My Child Is Accused Of Plagiarism. What Are The Next Steps? 

An adept student defense lawyer is aware that every situation is different and calls for a customized strategy. For instance, institutions frequently have various definitions of plagiarism. While some colleges classify plagiarism as “deliberate” conduct, others do not. Therefore, negligence and sincere errors may result in very severe penalties. A knowledgeable student defense lawyer also understands how to accurately assess the proof that the institution has used. Click here to know more about the law and lawyers.  Until then, here are three major steps to take if your child is accused of plagiarism. 


Determine the source of the complaint. The accused is frequently a teacher, a fellow student, or a manager. There are specific procedures that need to be followed when academics make accusations of plagiarism as opposed to other students or school officials. 

Interaction with the instructor who filed the eblogz claim is forbidden and any interaction could lead to another violation of the university’s code of conduct, based on whether a formal charge has already been launched against the student.


Check to see if official charges have been brought. If a formal charge is brought, a university administrator will let your child know.

There can be a small window of opportunity to settle the dispute immediately and amicably with the professor who is accusing you if no such notification has been given. An informal resolution will stop the official disciplinary procedure from starting, which can be very upsetting for your kid and may lead to a permanent notation displaying academic dishonesty on their transcript.


Speak with a knowledgeable student defense lawyer. Plagiarism is viewed as a serious honor code infraction that typically results in disciplinary action from the university. Plagiarism allegations against your child, like the majority of conduct code offenses, may result in expulsion or suspension, loss of housing or a scholarship, and a negative impact on your child’s progress in that specific subject.

A student defense attorney can assist your child in navigating their university disciplinary proceedings or, when necessary and viable, negotiating an informal resolution if you fear their academic credentials or student rights are in peril as a result of plagiarism allegations.

As an illustration, educators frequently draw the mediaposts wrong conclusions about cases of plagiarism from data percentages generated by plagiarism software checker tools. An adept student defense lawyer will be in a position to examine all the facts against your child and put together a compelling defense.

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