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Kick-Ass is a movie about an ordinary teenager who wants to be a real life superhero. The film is centered around Aaron Johnson’s character, Dave Lizewski, who dreams of being a superhero and meets Big Daddy, an ex-cop and current crime boss who has trained his 11-year-old daughter, Hit-Girl, as the superhero’s protégée.

After graduating from high school, David begins working part-time at a fast food restaurant and a comic book store. His personal life is ruined and he feels all he has is the Kick-Ass identity. However, he doesn’t give up on crime fighting. Instead, he continues to help other people in trouble.

During one of his nightly patrols, he meets Valerie, a young woman who had been working as a security guard. They begin a romance and eventually start dating. The two later plan to free Hit-Girl from jail. After doing so, Kick-Ass kills the crooked cop and frees the hit-girl. Dave and Kick-Ass also save his best friend Todd from a group of criminals.

Kick-Ass’ first mission takes place at the Trotskis resturant, where he and his Hit Girl set up a meeting of Ralphies’ men. He then swings on a rope and rips through the window. Once inside, he beats up the goons with a baton, saves the Hit Girl, and then leaves. He then heads to the hospital.


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