The biggest LCD screen with LEDs in the entire world

These days, lots of establishments are installing large-sized LED screens to catch the attention of viewers to convey messages or providing details. One of the issues that pop into the minds of the public is what is the biggest display of LEDs and the place it’s in the world? The answer is China. China.

Yes, the biggest LED screen is located within Suzhou’s Harmony Times Square of Suzhou in China. It’s a gorgeous Sky Screen. It has a size of 500 meters by 32 metres, which makes the total screen to approximately 16,000 square meters. If you look at it in feet the size measures 1,640 feet by the size of 105 feet i.e. that the area total is 172,220 sq feet.

Another screen of the biggest size is located in China that is located in a place called The Place, situated in Beijing. It was built in 2009, which proves that China has always been extremely modern. The LED screen that is featured located in The Place of China is an ultra-high definition (HD) display that has dimensions of 250 meters by 40 meters i.e. 820 feet by the size of 98 feet. It has a total of 7,500 square meters i.e. 80,729 square-feet. The LED screen at The Place situated in Beijing of China comprises mainly five LED screens which are massive in dimensions. The 5 screens are laid out in a straight line, in order to produce an entire image.

What is the best way to select a huge LCD screen?

Do you want to pick the ideal LED screen for your special event or event? Then you’re at the right location. If you’re purchasing it as the very first time it’s not feasible to understand all the details. Therefore, this guide will assist you in selecting the right LED screen for your requirements. When selecting a LED screen Auckland for your event or advertisement it is important to determine whether you’ll need screens for outdoor use or indoor. These two types of screens require separate specifications. Once you know what you need and then choose from a variety of factors such as the following:

High contrast and brightness: When it comes to picking the ideal LED screen, it is essential be sure to choose one that has high brightness and contrast. Without this, the screen’s appearance will not be as attractive as they ought to be. A high bright and contrast ratio guarantees an impressive quality of the image. This will help you provide a superior visual experience for your viewers but will also draw their attention faster.

Wide-angle viewing: While buying a large screen to show your advertisements, campaign or whatever, ensure that you’re focusing on the view angle. If the angle of view is broad, it will allow you to catch your attention from a huge variety of viewers at a time.

Screen size The next aspect to take into consideration is the size of the screen. There are a variety of sizes that are available for larger screens. It is up to you to determine what is the best size that is compatible with the space you want to put the screen. Based on this, you will be able to choose the best LED display.

What is the price of an LED large screen cost?

The price of LED screens vary from one type of LED screen to the next. There are a variety of variables that affect the price, and it is determined mostly based on the size of the screen. For the larger-sized LED screens the price range ranges from $5000 to as much as $90,000. It’s based on screen’s size, resolution and also the type of LED display you’re selecting.


It’s about the massive LED display Auckland that everyone should be aware of. If you are a novice it’s impossible for everyone to be able to grasp all the knowledge. This article will be complete information to help you understand everything you need to be aware of regarding these huge LED screens.

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