The Insider’s Guide To Address Validation

Technology has evolved, and many recent innovations can help you improve your business easily. One new thing you may have come across is address validation tools. This process can make it easier for e-commerce stores to deliver products.

If you don’t know what address validation is, you don’t have to worry. Here is a complete insider’s guide to this process.

What Is Address Validation?

Address validation is a process that will help you verify the address of another person. Someone may have given you their home address for a postal delivery. You can use an address validation software API to determine whether the location is correct.

The best part about address validation is that it does not take much time and offers higher delivery safety. You will also not have to worry about typos in the address if you have run it through a validation tool.

How Does An Address Validation API Work?

The first step of verifying an address is by inputting the location into the relevant validation software. This location may have been provided to you by a client on your shopping website. The tool will compare the address with the USPS database and check for various things.

For instance, the software will check whether the address is formatted correctly. It will also determine whether the location is valid. If, after correcting the typing and formatting mistakes, the address is still invalid, it means you cannot deliver to the designated location.

Meanwhile, if the address is valid, it means the delivery can be made. So the postal service will not return the package to you or charge for redeliveries.

Application Of Address Validation

You may be wondering in which industries address validation is most helpful. So here are some use cases to help you understand better:

  • Making A Postal Delivery

Whenever you deliver a package through postal delivery, such as USPS, you must provide the correct address to the courier service. This will allow you to avoid delivery issues and paying extra. Remember, such service providers, do run the address through their validation API.

However, the courier service will charge you extra if they have to correct your address. You can perform a check yourself by using an online address verification service to avoid paying extra. The best part is that this will help you save more money in the long term if you make postal deliveries often.

You may be delivering through a courier service because of your Instagram or Facebook store.

  • Running An E-Commerce Store

Running an e-commerce store on Shopify or other platforms is not an easy task. If you take orders from your own website, you will need an address validation API to ensure all the shipping and billing addresses provided by your customers are valid.

This is especially necessary if you will be using your own delivery riders instead of a courier service. The tool will compare the location with the USPS database for high convenience. Your business will benefit from the tool because it will allow you to make timely deliveries.

Remember, customers who give wrong addresses due to a typing mistake rarely accept their error. Instead, they may give a negative review of your business. So using an address validation tool can help you avoid such issues.

Final Words

This is your complete insider’s guide to address validation. The main purpose of this tool is to correct the formatting of a location. It will also get rid of typing mistakes within the address and ensure it is deliverable.

Many address validation tools are present on the market. So be sure to consider your needs and budget before using specific software.

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