Top 11 last Mile Delivery Softwares – October 2023

The dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of last-mile delivery in eCommerce has compelled businesses to redefine their approach to efficient and reliable deliveries.

In the world of eCommerce, where the success of a transaction hinges on timely delivery, addressing the challenges that crop up during the final leg of the shipping process is imperative. One recurrent issue that plagues last-mile logistics is the absence of robust last-mile delivery management solutions.

In the fiercely competitive eCommerce arena, modern businesses must exert precise control over their shipping operations to meet and exceed customer expectations. With the likes of Amazon Prime offering same-day delivery options, the stakes are higher than ever.

To guarantee customer satisfaction and retention, adopting an intuitive last-mile delivery operations management system is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

What is a Last Mile Delivery Software and How it can help you?

Last mile delivery software is a specialized technology solution designed to streamline and optimize the final leg of the delivery process in logistics and eCommerce operations. This software is crucial for efficiently managing the delivery of goods from a distribution center or warehouse to the end customer’s doorstep. Here’s how last mile delivery software can help businesses:

Route Optimization: Last mile delivery software uses algorithms and real-time data to optimize delivery routes. It considers factors like traffic conditions, delivery windows, and the location of customers to plan the most efficient routes. This leads to reduced fuel consumption, lower transportation costs, and faster delivery times.

Tracking and Visibility: Customers and businesses can track the status and location of their deliveries in real-time. This enhances transparency and allows customers to receive accurate updates on when to expect their deliveries, reducing anxiety and uncertainty.

Proof of Delivery: The software often includes features for obtaining electronic signatures, photos, or other proof of delivery, which is essential for ensuring that the right item was delivered to the correct recipient. This can also serve as a record in case of disputes or inquiries.

Fleet Dispatching: It can automate communication between drivers, dispatchers, and customers. This includes sending SMS notifications, emails, or in-app alerts to keep customers informed about their delivery status and any changes to their delivery schedule.

Top 11 Last-Mile Delivery Software Solutions for Ecommerce in October 2023

The market is flooded with last-mile delivery management software options, making it impractical to try them all. To ease your decision-making process, we’ve curated a list of the top players in the last-mile logistics industry. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of their features, helping you assess their potential value for your online business.

Top 1: Kosmo Delivery – Delivery Management Platform

In Kosmo’s Management Delivery Platform, you’ll discover a comprehensive set of tools for optimizing, supervising, and monitoring local deliveries. Our platform simplifies the process, providing you with everything you need for efficient last-mile logistics.

3 Key Functions of Kosmo’s Delivery Platform:

Automated Order Import: Seamlessly import your orders by utilizing various methods, including Excel file uploads, integration with your e-commerce platform, or our user-friendly Last Mile Delivery API.

Effortless Route Optimization: Reclaim valuable hours daily by eliminating the need for manual route planning. Our AI-powered Route Planner App effortlessly generates optimal delivery routes, taking into account various order constraints such as delivery windows and capacity limits.

Flexible Order Assignment: With Kosmo, you have the flexibility to assign orders as you see fit. Allocate orders to your in-house drivers, collaborate with a local network of drivers through messaging apps, or leverage national third-party courier services.

Whether you prefer hands-on control or opt for automated dispatch, Kosmo seamlessly streamlines your entire delivery operation. Pay As You Go.

Unlock the power of Kosmo’s Delivery Platform to enhance your local delivery efficiency, all from one centralized hub.

2. ClickPost: Revolutionizing Last-Mile Logistics

ClickPost stands at the forefront of intelligent logistics solutions for eCommerce enterprises. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), this Software as a Service (SaaS) platform tackles all your last-mile delivery challenges.

Key Features of ClickPost:

Branded Order Tracking: It empowers businesses to create branded tracking pages, allowing customers to effortlessly track their orders’ real-time status.

Enhanced Marketing: Brands can capitalize on these branded pages to cross-sell and upsell products through featured images.

Automated Carrier Allocation: The software automates carrier allocation based on location and delivery instructions, streamlining operations.

Customization Made Easy: A unified dashboard allows for hassle-free label customization and airway bill generation.

Real-time Updates: Customers receive automatic order status updates via mobile, email, and WhatsApp notifications.

NDR Management: ClickPost boasts a robust Non-Delivery Report (NDR) management system, effectively reducing last-mile delivery exceptions.

Customer Engagement: It proactively engages with customers to determine the root causes of failed deliveries.

Flexible Address Modification: Should a customer be unavailable at the original delivery address, ClickPost enables last-minute address changes, a lifesaver for online businesses grappling with final-mile delivery challenges.

ClickPost’s comprehensive suite of features is a game-changer for online businesses aiming to conquer the complexities of last-mile logistics.

3. OnFleet: Pioneering Last-Mile Excellence

Hailing from the vibrant tech hub of San Francisco, OnFleet is a logistics trailblazer solely dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of last-mile deliveries. With a global reach spanning over 90 countries, OnFleet boasts an impressive roster of renowned brands in its clientele.

Notable Features of OnFleet:

AI-Powered Route Optimization: OnFleet’s cutting-edge app employs AI wizardry to craft optimal delivery routes, deftly sidestepping traffic bottlenecks and weather-related challenges. Its primary mission? To enhance on-time delivery rates, ensuring your orders reach customers with swiftness.

Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging artificial intelligence, this last-mile delivery software delves into historical delivery data. It empowers e-commerce entities with actionable insights, illuminating the performance of their last-mile delivery operations.

Auto-Dispatch Magic: OnFleet’s Auto-Dispatch feature ingeniously selects the driver nearest to the delivery destination, seamlessly appointing them for the task.

Real-Time Tracking: Stay in the know with a real-time tracking option that keeps both you and your customers informed about the shipment’s precise location throughout its journey.

Proof of Delivery: Before marking the delivery process as complete, you have the option to request proof of delivery, adding an extra layer of assurance to your operations.

4. Shipsy: Elevating Last-Mile Logistics for E-Retailers

Shipsy is a prominent third-party logistics (3PL) platform specializing in delivering last-mile logistics software solutions to e-retailers. Currently, its services are making waves in the Middle East and American regions.

Key Highlights of Shipsy:

Real-Time Route Optimization: Shipsy’s software seamlessly combines real-time route optimization with multi-stop delivery capabilities. Drivers have the flexibility to choose the fastest routes while maximizing the number of deliveries in a single journey.

Transparent Order Visibility: From shipment initiation to the culmination of last-mile operations, Shipsy provides crystal-clear, real-time visibility into your orders, ensuring you stay well-informed.

Efficient Vehicle Allocation: The software automatically selects suitable transport vehicles and optimizes package allocation based on size, maximizing vehicle space utilization.

Data-Driven Analytics: Shipsy diligently collects and analyzes data pertaining to last-mile deliveries, generating insightful reports that empower you to refine and enhance your future performance.

Embark on a journey of last-mile excellence with Shipsy, as it redefines the landscape of last-mile logistics for e-retailers in the Middle East and the Americas.

5. Track-POD: Streamlined Last-Mile Delivery at Your Fingertips

Track-POD offers innovative delivery management solutions through a user-friendly mobile app, available for download on both Android and iOS devices. What sets it apart is a generous 7-day free trial that provides unrestricted access to its comprehensive suite of shipping services. This unique trial period allows you to fully evaluate the value of this last-mile delivery software before committing.

Key Highlights of Track-POD:

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating through Track-POD’s in-app features and purchases is a breeze, making it an accessible choice for all users.

Geotagging-Enabled Route Optimization: Enjoy automated route optimization with geotagging, ensuring precise last-mile tracking right to the customer’s doorstep.

Real-Time ETA Notifications: The app enables you to promptly communicate a highly accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) to customers as soon as an order is placed.

Effortless Paperwork Processing: Track-POD streamlines the paperwork process for hassle-free deliveries.

Digital Proof of Delivery: Equipped with digital signing software, delivery agents can provide proof of delivery without the need for OTP verification, eliminating the burden of paper invoices.

6. Starship Technologies: Revolutionizing Last-Mile Delivery with Robots

Starship Technologies pioneers a fully automated last-mile delivery experience, utilizing autonomous robots to fulfill orders at customers’ doorsteps. This innovative approach takes the concept of automation to a whole new level.

Noteworthy Features of Starship Technologies:

Hyperlocal Delivery Solution: Starship’s software seamlessly combines hyperlocal delivery and last-mile logistics. Its autonomous robots collect items from local stores and promptly deliver them to online shoppers.

Mobile App Convenience: Customers can place orders via a mobile app that instantly displays the estimated delivery time, ensuring a transparent and convenient experience.

Secure Payload Handling: For added security, the cargo or payload bay is securely locked and can only be accessed by the rightful customer through their app.

Safety and Eco-Friendliness: Starship’s robots are designed with safety in mind, ensuring they are safe to be around. Additionally, the software stands out as one of the most environmentally friendly shipping service providers, offering a sustainable last-mile delivery solution.

Starship Technologies invites you to embrace the future of last-mile delivery, where robots take center stage, offering secure, efficient, and eco-conscious service to customers.

7. Nuro: Redefining Last-Mile Delivery with Innovation

Nuro represents a cutting-edge carrier software that seamlessly integrates hyperlocal delivery with the traditional last-mile delivery model. In a recent groundbreaking partnership with FedEx, Nuro is poised to revolutionize the often-underappreciated last-mile delivery segment.

Key Advancements Offered by Nuro:

Autonomous Fleet: Nuro takes the delivery game to the future with unmanned, fully autonomous fleets that ensure timely deliveries with exceptional precision.

Customizable Payload Compartments: Nuro’s vehicles feature fully customizable payload compartments, accommodating a wide array of items, from food and medicines to groceries and more.

Last-Mile Tracking: A standout feature of Nuro’s software is its robust last-mile tracking capabilities. Stay updated on the progress of your deliveries with timely milestone notifications sent directly to your mobile device.

Safety at the Forefront: Prioritizing safety, Nuro proudly holds certifications from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and California Deploy Permits, underlining its commitment to secure and responsible autonomous delivery.

Nuro’s forward-thinking approach to last-mile delivery is set to reshape the industry, offering not only efficiency but also enhanced safety and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of customers.

8. LogiNext: Elevating Last-Mile Delivery for eCommerce Retailers

LogiNext Solutions presents an exceptional suite of last-mile delivery options tailored for eCommerce retailers seeking customer-friendly shipping solutions. Currently operational in the US, Singapore, Indonesia, and the UAE, LogiNext also offers reverse and on-demand delivery services in its extensive shipping portfolio.

Key Highlights of LogiNext Software:

Dynamic Route Mapping: LogiNext’s route-mapping feature includes dynamic rerouting capabilities, allowing drivers to adapt their routes in real-time, accommodating last-minute address changes requested by customers.

Electronic Proof of Delivery: The software equips delivery agents with electronic proof of delivery, providing a digital record to mark the successful and timely completion of deliveries.

Cash on Delivery (COD) Option: Notably, LogiNext is among the few companies that offer cash on delivery as a payment option. This flexibility comes in handy, allowing customers who initially chose COD to make electronic payments if they are unable to pay in cash.

9. Scurri: Comprehensive Delivery Management

Scurri stands as a complete delivery management software solution, renowned for its dependable last-mile delivery offerings. In the eCommerce industry, it is celebrated for delivering on-time, cost-efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate with businesses.

Noteworthy Features of Scurri:

On-Demand and Slot-Based Shipping: Scurri provides on-demand and slot-based shipping options accessible through a single-click dashboard, ensuring flexibility in delivery scheduling.

SLA Management: Scurri excels at managing and monitoring Service Level Agreements (SLAs), enhancing order monitoring through real-time updates.

Advanced Analytics: Gain deep insights into delivery exceptions, delayed orders, and incidents such as fake or failed delivery attempts with Scurri’s comprehensive analytics reporting.

10. Onro: Exclusive Last-Mile Services

Onro is an exclusive last-mile delivery software designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. The Onro App is enriched with features that facilitate scaling up and simplifying the delivery process.

Key Features of Onro:

White-Label Branding: Onro offers white-label branding options for eCommerce enterprises. When customers use the app to track their orders, they experience it in your brand colors and with your logo.

Multilingual Support: With a variety of language options, Onro ensures a holistic experience for customers, allowing them to interact in their native language.

Comprehensive Order Monitoring: Onro’s order monitoring feature provides real-time tracking, enabling you to select the carrier vehicle and communicate with the driver for specific instructions.

11. SmartConsign: Cloud-Based SaaS for Last-Mile Excellence

SmartConsign is a cloud-based SaaS channel specializing in optimizing last-mile delivery operations and introducing cost-effective shipping processes. Established in 2008, it has emerged as a global name in the industry.

Key Features of SmartConsign:

Domestic and International Delivery: SmartConsign offers both domestic and international last-mile delivery options, including same-day delivery (SDD) services within the country.

Localization Tools: A standout feature is its brilliant localization tool, allowing customers to select their language, time zones, currency, and more for a personalized experience.

Built-in Customer Service: SmartConsign incorporates a built-in customer service feature, enabling customers to submit queries and concerns directly on the platform, with a prompt response from a customer care executive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery refers to the final step in the logistics process, where goods are transported from a distribution center or warehouse to the end customer’s doorstep. It’s often considered the most critical and challenging part of the delivery chain due to the need for speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

2. Why is last-mile delivery important?

Last-mile delivery is crucial because it directly impacts customer satisfaction and can significantly influence a customer’s perception of a business. Fast, reliable, and convenient last-mile delivery can lead to repeat business and positive reviews, while poor delivery experiences can deter customers.

3. What is last-mile delivery software?

Last-mile delivery software is a specialized technology solution designed to optimize and streamline the final leg of the delivery process. It includes features such as route optimization, real-time tracking, proof of delivery, and customer communication tools to enhance delivery efficiency.

4. How does last-mile delivery software benefit businesses?

Last-mile delivery software offers several benefits to businesses, including cost savings through optimized routes, improved customer satisfaction through real-time tracking and communication, enhanced efficiency, and reduced operational errors.

5. Are there different types of last-mile delivery software?

Yes, there are various types of last-mile delivery software available, catering to different industries and business needs. Some software focuses on route optimization, while others offer additional features like inventory management, analytics, and customer engagement tools.

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