Why Might Android Phone Apps Not Work on Android Tablets?

If you’re using an Android tablet, you might find that your favorite Android phone apps aren’t working on your tablet. There are a few reasons why this happens, but most likely, it’s something related to the operating system or app services. If your tablet is brand new, you might also find that some apps don’t support your model. In these cases, the app might be in the process of being updated or not have enough memory.

If the app is installed in the tablet but doesn’t work on the phone, you can force-stop it and try again. To force-stop an app, open its settings and force-stop it. By doing so, you will kill all instances of that app on your tablet. Press the power button long enough to bring up the power menu. Choose Restart/Reboot from the menu that appears. Wait for the device to reboot. Most apps should then work.

Sometimes, the problem might be a simple one. Reinstalling the app will fix the majority of problems, including apps that don’t function properly. Other times, the problem is more serious. You might have accidentally installed an unstable/unsupported version of the app on a third-party source. In such a case, the easiest solution is to simply reinstall the app. However, this can be frustrating for you. If you’ve tried the above methods and still don’t get the desired results, you may need to visit a mobile repair service.

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